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How To Evaluate A Home Remodel Contractor's Portfolio

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There are plenty of tips on the Internet about how to hire a good home remodel contractor. All of them talk about that contractor’s portfolio, but they skip over one vital step–how do you evaluate a home remodeling contractor’s portfolio in the first place? If you don’t know what a good remodel looks like, those photographs won’t mean much to you when choosing a contractor. Here are some things to look for. Read More»

Do You Worry Your Commercial Property And Shop Doesn't Have The Right Safety Equipment? What To Know To Prepare

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If your commercial property meets the bare minimum requirements for safety, or you aren’t even sure if it does or not, you want to take action. You want to make sure the staff and all people that enter through the building are safe, and you want to be prepared if there is some type of emergency. Here are a few of the things you’ll want to do to change your business, so it’s a safe and hazard free place to work. Read More»

Simple Tips That Can Help Prevent Damage To Your Home's Foundation

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When you own a home, the last problem you want to discover is something wrong with your foundation. A cracked or otherwise damaged foundation will leave you with a major repair project for which you’ll need to hire a foundation expert. It’s beneficial to take as many steps as possible to ensure that you’re not inadvertently contributing to the premature demise of your foundation. Foundations and water don’t mix, as the water can lead to cracks and the eventual need for a major repair. Read More»

Wrap And Bag Your Way To An Easier Move

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Packing up your possessions during a move is no fun, but unpacking them and putting them away in your new home is even worse, especially items that have numerous small parts or are bulky, such as clothing and shoes. By using simple stretch wrap, plastic garbage bags and these great ideas you will be able to not only pack more efficiently, you will make unpacking and settling into your new home much easier, neater and faster. Read More»

3 Tips For Protecting Your Roof During The Winter

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The winter months can be very harsh and put a lot of stress on a roof. If you want to make it to spring without having to deal with any roofing issues, it is in your best interest to spend some time in the fall making sure that your roof is in tip top shape and ready for the coldest months of the year. Use the following tips to get your roof ready for winter: Read More»

Three Garage Door Problems That Call For Professional Help

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While you can successfully perform a wide range of simple maintenance jobs for your garage door, such as lubricating the hinges and replacing the batteries in the remote opener, it’s generally a good idea to hire a professional when you’re facing any type of significant problem with the door. Some garage door repair jobs are dangerous, while others are complicated. In either case, a garage door contractor possesses the expertise and tools to ensure that the project is completed correctly and safely. Read More»

Different Methods For Preventing Major Damage Your Home's Foundation

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The foundation of your home is essential for stabilizing the structure. To prevent major damage to the foundation, you need to know which methods are best for keeping this area stable. Repair Minor Cracks Even though minor cracks may not seem dangerous to your foundation, the opposite is true. These small cracks allow water to enter the concrete, which then erodes the foundation. For this reason, it is important to fill them in to prevent larger cracks from forming. Read More»

Three Topics That Are Important To Cover When You're Renting Construction Equipment

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If you’re preparing for a job in your yard or home that requires plenty of heavy work, you may want to consider renting a piece of construction equipment from your local rental center. Such equipment can greatly reduce the time and labor requirements of your job, whether it’s leveling a hilly section of property for sod placement or digging a sizable hole for a large pond. In addition to having a variety of machines at your disposal, you can also often choose whether you wish to operate the machine on your own or arrange for an operator to be included in your rental contract. Read More»

3 Private Dock Features Every Lakefront Property Owner Should Consider

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Owning a home situated on property that borders a lake is one thing, but when you have access to your own private dock at the edge of your property, it is an entirely different experience, making it possible to park and launch a boat whenever you like. As functional and convenient as a simple dock structure can be, with a few changes and upgrades, this space can evolve into one of the most valuable aspects of your property. Read More»