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Steps To Take To Protect Your Roof This Winter

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Winter is here, and you may not have experienced all of winter's fury just yet, which means you still have time to take the right steps to protect your roof. In order to keep your home protected, your roof needs to be in good shape. If it isn't, you could end up in some serious trouble when winter does arrive in all of its glory. Read on for steps to take to protect your roof this winter.

1. Clean Out Your Gutters

If you haven't taken on this task since fall, or possibly never at all, you need to tackle this chore. Get up onto your roof using a ladder, or stand up on the ladder if you prefer. Then, using a bucket and a small shovel, scoop the contents of the gutters into the bucket. Do this to all of the gutters on your home. Use the garden hose to spray the gutters clean and remove as much other debris from the gutters as possible. Be sure to get into the downspouts to clean them out as well, as these can clog. A gutter that is full of debris is going to cause water to back up, and that water will seep into the roof, through the sheeting, and eventually into your home, causing a lot of expensive damage.

2. Inspect Your Gutters

While you're up on the ladder/roof cleaning your gutters, it's also a good time to inspect your gutters as well. Make sure they are properly attached to your roof and don't leave any gaps in between the roof and the gutter. If there are gaps, or if your gutters are sagging at all, it can cause water to get into the fascia, leading to water damage. You can find replacement gutter hangers at your local hardware store if needed. Gutter nails can also be found there as well.

3. Check Your Roof For Damage

Your roof should also be inspected for any damage. If you have loose or missing shingles, these should be repaired to help prevent water from ice and snow from seeping into your roof. If you notice that your asphalt shingles are missing a lot of granules or appear shiny, you should have your roof replaced to prevent water seepage as well. If you notice any soft spots on your roof, get off of your roof immediately to prevent falling through and call a professional roofer immediately to have your roof replaced.

Protect your roof this winter by using the steps above as precautions. Call a professional roofer from a company like Toth Roofing to inspect your roof if you think it needs some work.