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Why Your Home Needs A Utility Sink And Options For Buying One

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Your kitchen sink is designed for food preparation and cleaning dishes, while your bathroom sink is made for handwashing. If you want a sink you can use for soaking laundry, washing dirty equipment, or watering your plants, you need a utility sink. A utility sink is a useful plumbing fixture you can hook up in your laundry room or garage. However, if you hook up the sink in your garage, you'll have to make sure the pipes are insulated if the temperature in the garage drops below freezing. Learn why a utility sink is so useful and what your options are when you're buying one.

Why You Need A Utility Sink

If you need a place to soak laundry to get out stains, you probably have to use a bucket in your tub or shower, perhaps because it would be too inconvenient to dedicate a sink in your home to this purpose. Since a utility sink is usually off in a garage or the laundry room, you can leave clothes soaking in it all night, or you can water plants and let them drain a few hours in the sink.

Another advantage of a utility sink is its size. These sinks are usually much deeper and wider than a bathroom or kitchen sink. This makes the sink useful for cleaning a wide variety of items and filling tall jugs and pots with water. You can even use a utility sink for washing your hair.

Utility Sink Options

These sinks come in white and other colors, just like other bathroom sinks. You can buy fixtures for the sink that match the room. If you have an upscale laundry room, you might want a wall-mounted stone sink with a luxury faucet and handles. If your sink is hidden in the garage, simple stainless steel fixtures might suffice, especially if you want to save money. At the least, you'll want a sprayer that's attached to the faucet or that is beside the faucet so the sink is more versatile. You can have a freestanding utility sink installed that has its own legs, or you can drop a sink into a cabinet or attach it to the wall.

Visit a showroom that displays plumbing fixtures so you can see all the styles of sinks, faucets, sprayers, and handles available. You may be primarily interested in function, and appearance may not matter that much. Your budget might determine what you buy. You're sure to find what you need in all the many options, and once your utility sink is installed, you'll be thankful for the convenience it offers when you need to do chores your other sinks can't handle.

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