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Snow Guards – Think Now And Regret Nothing Later

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With the grass still growing and the sun still shining, it can be hard to think about the snow that's coming in the next few months, but it's imperative that you do give that heavy snow some thought, especially if you've had roofing avalanche problems in the previous year. Roofing avalanches aren't anything to mess around with. They can cause serious injuries and even death. Here, you'll find a bit of information about roofing snow guards and how they'll help reduce the chances of roofing avalanches.

What are snow guards?

You've probably seen roofing snow guards on neighboring houses but didn't know what they were, or they didn't stand out enough to make you question them. Snow guards are just small plastic or metal tabs that are mounted to the roof. They are spaced out just enough to allow snow to slide off of the roof but prevent it from all coming down in one big sheet.

Is there more than one type of snow guard?

For the most part, snow guards are pretty much the same, except that they can be made of plastic or metal. They can be pointed or flat, and they come in different sizes to control different levels of snow-fall. So, if you live somewhere that gets a lot of heavy snow, you'd probably do best with large flat metal snow guards.

Can snow guards be installed as a DIY project?

In all reality, you could install the snow guards yourself, but it really is best to leave it up to the professional roofers in your area. If the snow guards aren't installed at the correct distance from each other, you could end up trapping all of that snow on the roof. If you do that, you're putting the entire home at risk of collapse.

Your roofer will take measurements, consider the type of snow-fall your area experiences, take the slope of the roof into consideration and calculate the type of snow guards you'll need and the amount of space needed between them to allow for the snow to slowly be released from the roof.

So, before the first snow is on its way, contact your local roofing professional to discuss the addition of snow guards to your roofing this year. It's all about safety, including safety for your family, safety for those visiting your home, and safety for your home itself. Hopefully, the information above helps you understand the importance of snow guards on your roof. For more information, reach out to a company like Par One Construction, Inc. today.