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Decisions To Make When Choosing A Chain Link Fence

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When you decide it is time for commercial chain link fencing for your business, you will have to consider your needs in order to decide what type is best for your property. Here is what you need to know.

How Much Privacy Do You Need? 

Some companies don't require any privacy and are happy with a basic chain link fence; they simply want to separate their property from surrounding properties. In fact, it is extremely important to some businesses that they aren't hidden from the public and potential customers. However, many companies do have a need for privacy. These are usually companies that deal in expensive or controversial products and don't sell directly to the public.

If you have a need for privacy from your chain link fence, this can be accomplished by having your fencing contractor install slats once the fence is complete. Slats are narrow strips of metal or PVC that are inserted vertically in the chain linking, blocking the view.

How Much Security Do You Need?

A four-foot chain link fence is suitable for companies that aren't concerned about people gaining unlawful access to their property. This may be because they are located in a busy or safe area or because their company isn't anything that requires extra security.

For businesses that do have security concerns, you have a few options. You can simply make your fence higher, such as six feet or even higher. You can also add security measures to the top of the chain link fence. Barbed or razor wire are common options. Adding a finer metal mesh over the chain link fencing can also increase security. With fine metal mesh overlay, the fence is no longer scalable, which means it will keep people out. The metal mesh overlay also prevents rodents and rabbits from squeezing through the chain link fence openings. Security can also be improved by choosing a thicker gauge or diameter of wire as well as a closer spacing of the chain link.

How Much Curb Appeal Do You Need?

In addition to privacy slats, which are available in several attractive colors that can enhance your building and its surrounding, you can also choose chain link fencing that has been dipped in a protective vinyl coating. Not only does this vinyl coating protect your chain link fencing from corrosion, it adds to the overall aesthetics by adding color to your chain link fence.