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Planning To Install A Spa? 5 Key Factors To Finding The Right Spot

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Now that you've decided to install a spa in your backyard, where will you put it? While you may have a spot in mind, it's a good idea to thoroughly consider all the factors involved before settling on a location. To help you, here are the five top considerations.

The Path

If you live in a climate with cold, rainy, or windy seasons, you'll likely want to have a solid flooring material underneath your feet when you travel from the house to the hot tub. In addition, adding a roof over your head will make the trip a lot more comfortable. 


Be sure you leave plenty of space to move all the way around the spa. While you will likely only be entering and exiting the hot tub from one spot, you'll need access to its inner workings in order to do repairs and maintenance. Allow several feet of access around the control panel for servicing the spa.


When filled with water, a spa can easily weigh 5,000 to 8,000 pounds. Can your chosen location support this type of load? Many spas are installed on decks, but the deck may need additional reinforcement below. Even if you're placing the hot tub on the ground, be sure you have a solid base that won't shift and settle as the weather and erosion take their toll.

The View

Don't forget to think about how everything will look as you enjoy sitting in your spa. Test out the spot by placing some chairs at the appropriate level and looking outward. Sometimes, you can improve the view with just minor landscape changes. If all you can see is the back of a shed or your home's exterior wall, can you dress those up with vertical gardens, vines, lattice, or container plants? 


Generally, spa owners don't want their neighbors to have a direct view of the hot tub. Using existing buildings as partial privacy shields is helpful, as is adjusting the landscape to add some vertical height with trees or fences. But think about privacy in your own yard as well. If you tend to use the hot tub alone or as a couple, you may want to place it in a more private area of the yard. However, if you have kids or entertain a lot, you probably want it in a closer, more visible spot.

By paying attention to these five aspects of good spa placement, you're sure to create a backyard getaway that you'll enjoy for years to come. For more information, contact a business such as Anchor Pools & Spas.