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2 Tips To Prepare Your Roof For The Spring

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When the winter begins coming to an end, it can be easy to get excited about spending more time outdoors. However, while you might have thought about things like swapping out your winter wardrobe for warmer weather items, you might not have thought about things like checking your roof. There are a few steps that you should take to prepare your roof for the springtime, so consider this quick checklist so that you can avoid roofing issues during the spring and summer.

1. Clean Your Gutters

You have probably heard the old saying that April showers bring May flowers, and the truth is that it can often be quite rainy during the springtime. If your gutters aren't in good shape -- such as if they are still clogged with leaves from the fall and winter months -- then melting snow and rainwater might not be able to drain off of your roof properly, which could cause problems. This is why it's important to take advantage of the warmer weather so that you can clean out your gutters and ensure that they will do their job when the springtime showers and the summer storms come.

2. Check Your Shingles

If your area has experienced winter weather conditions, there is a chance that your roof has been affected. The truth is that the winter weather conditions can be hard on your roof, so there is a chance that your shingles are showing signs of wear and tear. If you notice that any of your shingles are curling or otherwise showing signs of damage, now is the time to consider having them changed. If a large percentage of your shingles are damaged, it might be time to talk to a roofing contractor about replacing your roof entirely.

Even though the last thing that you might want to do when trying to enjoy the spring weather is fuss with your roof, it's important to follow these tips if you'd like to avoid roofing problems later on. Taking the time to tend to your roof to prepare it for spring and summer can be well worth it, since then you can enjoy the warmer weather without having to worry about dealing with major leaks or other serious problems later on. If you need help with getting your roof ready for summer, consider hiring a roofing contractor like Economy Roofing who can perform these tasks for you and check the overall condition of your roof.