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How To Repair Damaged Fascia Boards

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The fascia of your home are the boards that cover the rafters on your house. Over time, they can rot for a number of different reasons - one of them being due to your gutters being clogged or sagging, causing rain water to eventually damage your fascia. If left damaged, water can get inside your home, damaging walls and ceilings, leading to a very costly repair. Replacing damaged fascia boards is a repair you can do yourself. See below for instructions on how to do this repair.

Here's What You'll Need:

  • 1 x 10 pieces of PVC boards
  • Galvanized finishing nails
  • Replacement gutter
  • Gutter nails
  • Paint
  • Pry bar
  • Hammer


  1. Begin by taking off the old gutter. If it's in good shape, take it off gently using your hammer to pry out the gutter nails. Then set aside the old gutter. If the old gutter is not in good shape, you may want to invest in a new piece (or new gutters for your entire home if they are all in bad shape).
  2. Next, use your pry bar to take off the old piece of fascia. Inspect the soffit for damage at this time, as well as the rafters to be sure there isn't any further damage. Make any necessary repairs at this time, or contact a roofer for help if the repair is beyond your realm of knowledge.
  3. Put up the new piece of PVC fascia board. The PVC board is much more durable than wood, but may be a little more costly. Nail them in place using the galvanized finishing nails. Paint the board the same color as the rest of your fascia boards to match your home, adding a second coat if need be.
  4. Finally, replace the gutter section you removed using the gutter nails, adding nails if you had any that were missing, or gutter hangers if need be to help hold them in place.

Repairing damaged fascia boards is necessary in order to prevent further damage to your home such as leaks in your walls or ceilings, and a potential problem with mold. Be sure to look around your home for damage such as this every spring and make any necessary repairs. The damage can become quite costly if not taken care of promptly. Contact a professional roofing company to have your roof inspected, as well as your fascia and soffit, and to make these repairs for you if need be.

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