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4 Ways To Save Energy Via Automated Light Control

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Are you in the habit of leaving lights on after walking out of the rooms in your house? If your bad habit has led to you being left with high energy bills, getting your home wired for automation features is something worth considering. This article covers some of the beneficial features that can be included with a home automation system.

1. Allow Lights to Automatically Turn Off

Being that you are in the habit of leaving lights on in unoccupied rooms, you can benefit from the installation of sensors. A sensor can be placed in each room that lights are usually left on. Basically, the sensors will detect when no one is in the room and will automatically turn the lights off. Your energy bills will be reduced because you will no longer be using lights when they are not needed.

2. Close Shades with the Touch of a Button

When it comes to controlling the lights in a house, you must also think about natural light. For example, when the shades are open, it allows the sun to shine through, which can affect energy costs. Your shades can be wired to allow you to close them by pressing the button on a remote control. You can then quickly close them all at once during the times that you don't want heat from the sun interfering with your air conditioning system. A device that can control the shades can also be installed on the wall if you don't want to use a remote.

3. Dim Lights to Set the Mood in Each Room

One of the ways to maintain good energy efficiency is by limiting the extent of lights being used, such as brightness. You can save money on energy costs by getting your house wired in a way that allows you to dim lights. The dim lights will not only save you money, but can also set a mood that meets the comfort level you are trying to achieve. The lights can be dimmed from a remote control or panel that is wired to the wall.

4. Control Lights from the Outside of Your House

One of the perks of home automation is that you can control your lights from outside. For instance, a remote can be kept inside of your vehicle that will allow you to turn lights on before walking into the house. You can also turn lights off from your vehicle if you suddenly remember that any were left on. Hire an electrical contractor to wire your house for automated light control.