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Shower Enclosure Designs That Are Holding You Bathroom Back

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Dated bathrooms seem dingy and depressing, but a new space with fresh designs adds so much energy to your day. Since you basically begin and end your day in your bathroom, you need a design that adds to your routine, instead of takes away from it. Your shower enclosure can make or break an energetic, fresh design. Here are some ways your shower enclosure might be holding your bathroom back.

1. Your bathroom is nice, but your shower is a cave. 

Do you ever feel like a caveman when you step into the shower? Many older shower designs feature tight walls on all three sides, and even a narrow, low entry into the shower that is walled off by a curtain. When you're inside and the water is on, it's close quarters and you're completely cut off from the rest of the room. This setup might be great for an introverted bear in January, but it's not so great for modernizing your bathroom design. Open up the cave and install a glass wall instead to let the hibernation end.

2. You must stoop to shower.

Ah, low ceilings. So perfect for musty basements and root cellars and . . . showers? Some showers simply do not have the standing room needed for a grown adult to wet their hair and rinse their body with ease. Instead. you're left trying to duck your head under the lower stream of water—great practice for when you need to audition for your dream role as Quasimodo. If ringing cathedral bells is not your calling, though, the stooping shower has got to go. Talk to your contractor about raising the roof of the shower and extending the walls of the shower enclosure all the way to the roof so you don't have to worry about ducking your head to get clean.

3. Your tile or surround is ancient.

How many people have showered in your shower before you? If you house is old and the tiles are showing their age, it's probably best not to think about the answer, unless you have thing for diverse culture. It's just not possible to feel energized about your day when you're burdened with the thoughts of how many strangers' microbes still exist in the ancient grout of your shower wall. To make it easier for you, consider removing old vinyl or tile surrounds and replacing them with glass or large tile enclosures with thin grout lines—new grout that is bacteria free, a blank slate for cultural growth, just like Canada.

For more information, contact a company that specializes in installing shower enclosures.