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Simple Tips That Can Help Prevent Damage To Your Home's Foundation

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When you own a home, the last problem you want to discover is something wrong with your foundation. A cracked or otherwise damaged foundation will leave you with a major repair project for which you'll need to hire a foundation expert. It's beneficial to take as many steps as possible to ensure that you're not inadvertently contributing to the premature demise of your foundation. Foundations and water don't mix, as the water can lead to cracks and the eventual need for a major repair. To keep your foundation's exposure to water to a minimum, here are some simple tips to employ.

Avoid Gardens Along The Edge Of The Home

A flower garden planted along the edge of your home might seem visually appealing, but it's best to find a different location for your blooms. Gardens shouldn't be next to your home because when you water the garden, you're essentially applying water that will soak down against your foundation. This is especially a concern if you add typical moisture-retaining substances, such as peat, to the garden. Flower planters are acceptable beside the house, provided that you don't water them to the point at which the water flows out the bottom and into the soil next to your home.

Ensure That Your Downspouts Are Correctly Placed

The main job of your home's downspouts is to carry the rainwater away from the home, so make sure that the spouts are positioned in such a way to effectively perform this task. Otherwise, there's a risk that the downspouts will simply be dumping water along the edge of the home, which can cause it to soak through the soil and potentially cause damage to your foundation. Downspout extension kits are readily available at home improvement stores to help you keep the water farther away from the house.

Grade Your Lawn Properly

When your home was built, the lawn should have been graded so that it sloped away from the house. This grade allows the water from the rain and your sprinkler to gently flow away from the building to limit the risk of damage to your foundation. If the grade is incorrect or it's been trampled down over the years, this is an issue that needs to be addressed. You can perform this task by digging up the problem areas and raking them to slope away from the house or you can hire a professional yard service to do the work for you.

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