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Wrap And Bag Your Way To An Easier Move

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Packing up your possessions during a move is no fun, but unpacking them and putting them away in your new home is even worse, especially items that have numerous small parts or are bulky, such as clothing and shoes. By using simple stretch wrap, plastic garbage bags and these great ideas you will be able to not only pack more efficiently, you will make unpacking and settling into your new home much easier, neater and faster.  

The endless possibilities of stretch wrap

If your current home is like most, you already use storage solutions, such as baskets, trays and organizers, to corral small items and keep them from cluttering up your home. Instead of removing these items and packing them separately, it makes more sense to simply use stretch plastic wrap to securely cover and protect them during your move. Stretch wrap can be purchased from most moving supply stores. Look for the kind that comes in a large roll with convenient handles on both ends to allow you to wrap items easily. Because it clings to itself really well, applying a few layers will hold most items safely and securely. 

Once you arrive at your new home, you will only need to cut away the plastic and place the basket, tray or organizer directly into its chosen place in your new home. This works well for items throughout your home and garage; here are some examples to get you started: 

  • jewelry boxes and organizers 
  • bins full of socks, underwear or small clothing items
  • shoe bags or bins
  • baskets full of makeup and hair accessories
  • small bins and baskets full of prescriptions, OTC medications and toiletries (remember to remove opened bottles that may spill and place them inside protective zippered bags to prevent spills)
  • baskets or bins full of personal care appliances, such as curling irons, hair dryers, etc. 
  • spice racks and organizers 
  • flatware organizers and other small organizing bins used to keep kitchen drawers neat
  • laundry baskets and hampers filled with laundry products, toilet paper and other small items 
  • stacks of books or magazines
  • handled items such as brooms and mops 
  • small bins full of screws, nuts, bolts or hand tools

Bag bulky items to keep them clean and make moving easier

Simple trash bags, especially those with tie tops are great for wrapping clothing items, right on their hangers. Simply push several pieces of clothing tightly together on the closet rod and work a plastic garbage bag onto them, from the bottom up to cover them completely. Use the ties to secure the bag around the clothing and to tie all the hangers together. Trash bags also work well for linens, blankets, quilts, towels and small rugs.

Contact your moving service for more tips on packing your belongings securely.