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Three Garage Door Problems That Call For Professional Help

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While you can successfully perform a wide range of simple maintenance jobs for your garage door, such as lubricating the hinges and replacing the batteries in the remote opener, it's generally a good idea to hire a professional when you're facing any type of significant problem with the door. Some garage door repair jobs are dangerous, while others are complicated. In either case, a garage door contractor possesses the expertise and tools to ensure that the project is completed correctly and safely. Here are three different issues that your garage door might be facing, what they could mean and why they should prompt you to call a garage door service.

Door Doesn't Shut All The Way

If you press the button to shut your garage door but notice that it stops just short of making contact with the floor of your garage, you're likely dealing with a problem with the safety sensors mounted on each side of the door. The sensors could be sending a signal to the door that something is in the way, which will prompt the door to stop moving before it closes completely. This job could require repairing or replacing the sensors, which is something that your local garage door repair service will be able to get done with ease.

Door Won't Open

If you press the button to open the door or pull on the handle and get no results, there's a strong chance that something is wrong with the garage door spring. In many cases, you're looking at a situation in which the spring has broken. The spring typically makes a loud "bang" as it breaks, which could be the cause of the unexplained noise you heard in your home. The old spring will need to be removed and replaced. Because the new spring is under a high degree of tension, it's dangerous to work with. Your garage door contractor is well-acquainted with this job and knows how to perform it safely.

Door Vibrates Heavily During Use

A door that vibrates excessively during operation, often while making extremely loud noises, can be suffering from a few different issues. Some of the rollers could be off the tracks or the individual panels that make up the door could be coming loose. There's an element of danger to dealing with a garage door in this state because if a panel were to fall off, it could severely harm you.

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