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Three Topics That Are Important To Cover When You're Renting Construction Equipment

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If you're preparing for a job in your yard or home that requires plenty of heavy work, you may want to consider renting a piece of construction equipment from your local rental center. Such equipment can greatly reduce the time and labor requirements of your job, whether it's leveling a hilly section of property for sod placement or digging a sizable hole for a large pond. In addition to having a variety of machines at your disposal, you can also often choose whether you wish to operate the machine on your own or arrange for an operator to be included in your rental contract. Whatever the case, be sure to cover these topics before you sign the agreement.

Equipment Maintenance Schedule

Discussing the maintenance schedule of the equipment that you wish to rent can cover multiple angles. Ask if the machine has been serviced and had its oil changed recently; the last thing you need is to run into an issue on the job. You should also discuss any maintenance tasks that you're expected to perform while you have the machine in your care. Often, construction equipment rental companies will ask that you gas up and spray down the machine before returning it, but if you're arranging a longer-term rental, you might also be expected to check and top up fluid levels throughout the rental period.

After-Hour Contact

While you can expect the rental center to be open and reachable during regular business hours, the reality is that you might be using the machine after the business has closed. If you run into an issue with the machine during this time and you're working hard to keep on schedule with the job, it's important to know if there's someone at the rental center to contact for a question or clarification or even to arrange for someone to visit your home to take a look at the machine.

Equipment Training

Don't ever be afraid to ask for some basic training on the equipment before you load it onto a trailer and take it off to your job. Any responsible rental center should have someone who will teach you how to operate the machinery, and this includes an actual hands-on demonstration instead of just a brief description of the essential functions. Ask any questions that pop into your mind during this demonstration; it's better to know exactly how to use the machine and how to troubleshoot any common issues while you're still on the rental center lot.