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3 Private Dock Features Every Lakefront Property Owner Should Consider

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Owning a home situated on property that borders a lake is one thing, but when you have access to your own private dock at the edge of your property, it is an entirely different experience, making it possible to park and launch a boat whenever you like. As functional and convenient as a simple dock structure can be, with a few changes and upgrades, this space can evolve into one of the most valuable aspects of your property. If you either have or are considering a boat dock, there are a few alternate options that are definitely worth talking to the marine contractor about. 

Consider installing an upper deck on the dock. 

When you have a boat dock, entertaining near the water will likely be an ideal thing for you and your guests. With so many people hanging around, you will enjoy having the extra space for seating, possibly a grill, and maybe even a makeshift bar. Even if your dock itself is not large enough for entertaining, you can always build up and add a level overhead. Stairs or ramps lead the way to the upper deck, which is enclosed with a protective railing and can even be topped with a roof if you choose. 

Ask about implementing an enclosed storage space. 

With so much of your time being spent near the water, it is only logical if you have a small storage space on the dock. This will give you a good place to keep all of those seasonal water toys and boating equipment. Plus, if you do entertain near the water, the storage space can be used for housing a fridge or outdoor furniture. 

Look into the installation of a boat lift. 

Having a private parking area for your water vessel is a great thing, but through the cooler seasons of the month, you may not want to leave your boat in the water. Pulling the boat out of the water is ideal, but without a docking ramp and a boat trailer this is not possible, at least not on your own property. When you have a boat lift, you can drive the boat right onto a platform and then use a crank to raise the boat up out of the water. The crank can either be powered by electric or just manual, but either way this is a super convenient feature to have right on your own dock. 

For more information and options, talk with boat and dock contractors, such as those at SteMic Enterprises Inc.