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Reasons To Upgrade Your Roof

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When your old asphalt-shingle roof reaches the end of its lifespan, you may be tempted to simply install another shingle roof. When you do, you will constrain yourself to high maintenance risks and an endless cycle of roof replacement. In order to provide more long-term protection for your home, and to reduce the maintenance burden that you have to contend with, you should consider re-roofing your home with a long-lasting and highly weather resistant roofing material.  

The Weaknesses of Asphalt Shingles

If asphalt shingles were the best roofing material on the market, then you should have no qualms about saving money by installing more shingles on your roof. While asphalt shingles are the least expensive roofing option on the market, the problem with asphalt shingles is that you don't get the best quality for your money. They will only last 15-20 years in the best circumstances. On the other hand, a gale-force wind or a freak hail storm can rip through your town at any time and damage your roof so badly that you have no choice but to replace your roof. If you want shelter from high maintenance costs and the repetitive need to replace your roof, then you should consider replacing your shingles with a galvanized steel roof.    

The Strengths of a Galvanized Steel Roof

While a metal roof will cost more money than asphalt shingles, you get more value for your money. For example, a galvanized-steel roof can last for sixty years or more. Thus, you would have to replace an asphalt-shingle roof up to four times before you replace your metal roof even once. Furthermore, a metal roof will stand up to even the most extreme weather. If you live in an area that is prone to forest fires, or you heat your home with a wood-burning stove, then your can rest assured that your inflammable metal roof will prevent your roof from catching fire from a stray spark. 

When you replace your roof, you need to think beyond the need to keep costs low in the present. You also need to think about what you can do to prevent future costs. Installing a metal roof may forestall the need to replace your roof in that your roof should last longer than you will be in your home. Shingles are an attractive roofing material mainly because they are inexpensive, but sometimes you have to spend a little money to save money down the road. Contact a local outlet, such as Miller Roofing, for further assistance.