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Four Essential Tools That Every Workshop Bench Needs To Have

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If you do a lot of DIY projects, you may have a workbench in your shop. This can be just a large block of timber or a custom carpenter's workbench. No matter what type of bench you have, there are some essential tools that it should have, such as bench dogs, vices and storage. If you want to add practical improvements to your workbench, here are some of the essential pieces of equipment that it needs:

1. Vices And Clamps To Hold Materials In Place 

Vices and clamps are something that you will need for everything from carpentry to machinery and mechanical repairs. You may want to have a metal vice bolted to your bench to hold things in place. If you are going to be doing woodworking, you may want to consider investing in a specialty vice that has pads and is designed to not mar the wood you are working with.

2. Fixed Grinding Wheel To Do Many Tough Jobs

A grind wheel can be another useful tool to do things like polish metal, sharpen tools and do detail work. This can be a simple metal grinder with stone wheel, or you can get a grinder that have quick release attachments. With different attachments, you will be able to use specialty wheels for different jobs like polishing materials.

3. Bench Dogs To Help With Working On Large Materials

Bench dogs are cleats that go in holes in a workbench. These are often used in woodworking to hold wood in place on a table while it is being worked with. You can get different types of bench dogs that are made from metal and wood to help with different jobs that you may be doing on your bench. If you are going to be working with metal, you may want bench dogs with rubber pads, which will help to grip metal so it does not move.

4. Tool Storage For Keeping All The Small Tools Organized

Storage for your tools is also important. You will want to have the usual things like drawers and organizers to store your tools. If you have a lot of specialty tools, you may want to consider using a French cleat system. This is a system that has different cleats on a board to help hold tools in place and it can be designed to hold any type of tool that you need to store on your workbench.

These are some of the essential pieces of equipment that you may want to have for your workbench. If you need materials to make some of these improvements to your bench, visit a local hardware store such as Bourget Bros Building Materials to get everything you need.