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How To Repair Drywall During Plumbing Repair

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Drywall is an inevitable casualty of plumbing work. For a plumber to make repairs to pipes to a sink or toilet, he will definitely have to tear out a chunk of your drywall. Most plumbers will offer to make the repair when the job is done. However, this will cost you extra cash, so it is often a good idea to repair the drywall on your own. This article will explain how you can save some money and make the repairs on your own.

Cutting the Drywall

If you only need to repair a small chunk of drywall, you do not need to buy a full 4'x8' sheet. Instead, ask the hardware store if they sell scrap or 2'x2' sheets. The first step in patching a piece of drywall is cutting the drywall to size. To cut straight lines in drywall you can simply score it with a utility knife and then snap it off. You do not need to cut too deep into the board. Just try get the blade to penetrate 1/4 of the boards thickness. If you need to cut angles, rounded edges or other shapes, you should use a drywall saw. These saws are small and easy to use because drywall is so porous that it cuts with little resistance.

Attaching the Drywall

Once the drywall is cut to size, you can attach it to the wall. Mark where the studs are and use 2"-3" drywall screws. When driving drywall you should use a drywall bit on your power drill. This will stop the screw so it does not go in too deep. You also want to make sure the screwhead is sunken deep enough so it doesn't protrude from the wall.

Patching and Painting

Next you need to tape the seems of the new piece of drywall with drywall tape. To hide the drywall tape you need to spread drywall putty or joint compound. Using the same compound, you will need to match the texture of the existing wall with a hand trowel. This can be a little tricky if you have never use a trowel. However, with a little practice you can replicate the original texture close enough. When you prime and repaint the patched area, your hand texture will look much better and closer to the original.

Most people do not think of drywall when it comes to plumbing. However, it is definitely something that you will have to handle if a plumber at places like is making any interior pipe repair.