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Installing Solar Panels? What You Should Know About Maintenance And The Weather

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One of the most common questions asked when buying solar panels is how to take care of them. Maintaining your solar panels doesn't need to be a complex process. In fact, when you know what it takes to keep your solar panels clean and functional, you can have confidence that your home is receiving all of the benefits of the investment.

Routine Care

No matter where you live, your solar panels will need to be rinsed thoroughly on a regular basis. At least once every couple of months, you should spray the panels with a garden hose. If the hose alone doesn't clear off all of the debris, you may want to add an attachable sprayer to include some soap in the spray.

When you're planning to hose down the panels, there's one important factor that you need to remember. Solar panels absorb the heat of the sun, so they get very hot in the mid-day sun. If you spray the panels in the middle of the day when they are hot, the water will simply evaporate. Instead, clean the panels in the early morning, after dusk or on a cloudy day.

Appreciating Rain

Rainy days are a good thing for your solar panels, too. This is especially true of the occasional heavy downpour. Heavy rains will wash away dirt, dust and other debris that has accumulated on the panels, serving as an alternative to hosing the panels down.

Dealing with Snow

Most solar panels are installed at a slight angle. This facilitates drainage when it comes to melting snow. Since solar panels naturally have a bit of heat accumulation, most snowfall will slide off the panel within a day or two.

If you aren't still connected to the power grid, though, you may not be able to wait for the snow to melt. One of the best maintenance tips for wintry weather is to install a sensor system that will redirect power to the panel as necessary to clear snow, ice, and frost off the panels.

Solar panels are designed to stand up to most every weather condition, particularly when they are properly installed and cared for. With the information presented here and the support of a professional solar installation service, you can not only install your solar panels quickly, but you'll also know how to care for them – including how to make the weather work to your advantage. Click here for more info.