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A Guide To Maintaining Commercial HVAC Systems Through The Year

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Heating and air condition accounts for some 50 percent of energy costs, which means that you will need to take control of how you use these systems. If you own a business and want to be sure that you are lowering your overhead costs, while keeping your building as comfortable as possible, you'll need to be particularly mindful. This will allow you to remain comfortable throughout all four seasons, while doing your part to reduce energy costs. 

But how does a person make the most out of their commercial HVAC needs? Read on to find out. 

ā€‹#1: Change Your Filters Regularly

A very practical and easy task you must follow involves regularly changing your HVAC filters. These replaceable filters are among the most inexpensive parts for your HVAC system, but are arguably the most important. Keeping your filters clean and changed will improve your indoor air quality, while preventing break downs and malfunctions with your heating and air conditioning. HVAC experts advise you to change the filters quarterly. This will keep your airflow free and clear, while also allowing the system as a whole to remain intact. 

#2: Always Keep Your Temperatures Above 65 Degrees

While your system can be set to temperatures much lower than 65 degrees, you typically are doing yourself a disservice by setting them this low. The reason for this is that systems that are constantly set below 65 degrees will experience problems, such as freezing up. When your HVAC system freezes, it can spell big trouble for you and cost you a hefty repair bill. Further, constantly cycling your temperatures up and down can run up an expensive energy bill and overwork your system. For best results, find a temperature that you are comfortable with and keep it there as long as possible, while also using automatic settings that pause the system when the room temperature is comfortable. 

#3: Get An HVAC Tune Up Every Year

The best thing you can do for your system is get it inspected and repaired every year from a licensed and insured HVAC professional, such as J. P. Griffin Inc. Make sure that they are also Energy Star certified, so that they know which repairs will save you loads of money on energy costs, while also protecting the environment. You can sign up for a contract that also pays for pre-season inspections, to be sure that your heater and air conditioner are always ready for the weather changes throughout the year. 

Follow these tips regularly, so that you can keep your HVAC system in tip top shape, year round.