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5 Fences To Consider For Your Dog

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For a dog owner, a fenced in yard is a blessing. It restrains the dog while providing it with a safe place to play. It keeps other dogs away from it; and it keeps the dogs from wandering the neighborhood on their own. The question is: what type of fences can a dog owner use?

1. Chain Link

A chain link fence is a popular choice because it is affordable. It is made up of several durable posts that are attached using a heavy chain mesh of links. This type of fence is both durable and long lasting. It can stand up to a lot of wear and tear from large dogs. It will also keep people out of your yard.

2. Wood

Wooden fencing is a great choice if you have a tall dog or a dog that jumps really high. The biggest problem with a wooden fence is the level of maintenance they require. It is very easy for a wooden fence to rot as a result of water damage.

You also need to stop and think about whether or not your dog does a lot of digging. It can be easy for a dog to dig a hole deep enough to get under a wooden fence.

3. Picket

A picket fence is a popular choice because of the visual appeal. It is great for retraining the dog while making your yard look good at the same time. Unfortunately, picket fences are easy to climb and jump over.

4. Invisible

An invisible fence involves an electric wire system being installed under your yard around your home. Then, your dog wears a collar with a receiver on it. The receiver and the wire system communicate to keep your dog within your yard. If your dog steps too close to the boundary of your invisible fence, the collar will beep and mildly shock your dog.

The problem with an invisible fence is a dog can still go through the boundary. If there is something outside of your yard the dog really wants, he or she may ignore the shock from the collar and leave your yard anyway.

5. Wireless

A wireless fence serves the same purpose as an invisible fence in terms of shocking the dog to keep him or her in the yard. The difference is that this system does not require a wire to be installed. It uses a transmitter to create the boundary and shock the dog.

Some people find invisible and wireless fences to be cruel; and others do not understand why picket fences are considered to be attractive. You just need to decide which of these options is best for both you and your dog.

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