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Making A Clubhouse That Matches Your Home

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If you have small children, you know the importance of having activities available to keep them busy, year-round. Having their own clubhouse can be a great way to stimulate the imagination, while giving them some privacy and boasting rights in having their very own area. Here are some instructions that you can use when constructing a clubhouse that will match the exterior of your own house.

Search For Materials

When deciding what materials you will use for your clubhouse, look around your surplus of material that was left over from the construction of your own house, first. You may have some extra shingles or paint lying around that you can use to match the clubhouse perfectly to your own.

Make notation of the type of shingles that were used, as well as the color of paint or siding. You should be able to get a match at your local home goods store. If they no longer carry the colors that you have on your home exterior, you should be able to get something close in coloring if you ask an employee for assistance.

Construct The Base

You will want to lay a slab of concrete to use as the base of the structure. This can be done by measuring the area where the clubhouse is to be located, and digging down about a half foot before laying gravel inside. On top of the gravel, pour some ready to mix cement and allow to cure for two days before continuing with the remainder of the building.

Constructing The Home

You can purchase plans for a clubhouse in a hardware store or you may be able to find a decent plan online. You will need to buy lumber and cut it in the dimensions that you feel would be best for the height of the home. Use plywood for the flooring and attach to the concrete with concrete anchors. You can cover the plywood with regular wood flooring, and then attach the walls using a hammer and nails. Consult with professionals, such as those found through, with any further questions.

Adding Extras

Use your directions to guide you through where to place the wood pieces and where things will need to be nailed into place. When you have constructed the base of the building, you can start to put the roof on the top. You would need some roofing paper to staple or nail onto the plywood surface. After this is in place, use roofing nails to attach the shingles.

You will need to paint the exterior to match the coloring of your home. If you have siding, you can ask a siding professional to come side the clubhouse, or you can use a paint that is in a similar color.

You will need to add some carpeting inside, and add some curtains on any windows that you may have installed when putting the base together.