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Ducking Out Of Ducts: Benefits Of A Ductless Heating System

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Ducts channel the air from a furnace to the various rooms in your house, but they are not without problems. Ducts can decrease your furnace efficiency by 20-30%. To complicate matters, ducts tend to develop leaks overtime, so if you don't properly maintain your ducts, your heating system's performance can eventually deteriorate. Sealing your ducts is an added cost to a system that uses them. If saving money is important to you, a ductless heat pump can make a good choice for your home. 

What is a Ductless Heat Pump?

A heat pump works on the same principle as an air-conditioning system, but in reverse. Instead of absorbing hot air from inside a house and then expelling that heat outside, a heat pump absorbs heat from the outside air and then pumps it into your home. Even on a cold day, there is still heat in the outside air. While you can buy a heat pump designed for use with a central-air system, you can also find mini-split, or ductless heat pumps.

Just like a central air system, a ductless heat pump will have one set of evaporator coils on the outside of your house, but instead of having one central condenser unit, a mini-split system will have up to four smaller condenser units. These units are placed directly in the rooms you want them to heat, so they can heat the rooms without any efficiency loss due to a duct system.

How a Ductless System Can Save You Money

When you use a central-air system, you pump air into every room in your house—even to rooms you are not using. Furthermore, you have one central thermostat to govern all of the rooms in your home. By placing a condenser unit only in the rooms you use the most, you can target your heating and eliminate the waste involved in heating rooms you don't use. By adjusting the temperature for each room independently, you can tailor heating to the needs and preferences of the people that use the area. Finally, you can shut off heat to a room when you leave it, which will further help to reduce wasteful heating. 

A ductless heat pump can help you to save a lot of money in a few different ways. For one, you eliminate any loss of efficiency due to your duct system. For another, you can stop heating rooms you don't use. Finally, you can turn off heat to a room as you exit it. If you care about saving money while still maintaining your comfort through the winter, you should at least consider installing a ductless heat pump in your home. Discuss it with a professional, such as Salem Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc.